Andy with more than three feet of Redfish. Louisiana Fall 2015
Andy enjoying the Louisiana Gulf. Fall 2015
Rob Beast of Burden, and his little friend. Louisiana November 2015
Blane and Larry hooking up in Virignia. Winter 2015
The Doctor's magic carpet in the Gulf. Summer 2015
Bob and Kaettie having a good day in the Florida Gulf. Fall 2014
Bear Claw Lodge Summer 2015
Everything's bigger in Alaska. Summer 2015.
Red and Drifty chasing Rainbows on the Yampa.June 2015
Ennis Lake with Bill July 2015
Jake with a Virginia Muskie!
Cory with a Virginia Muskie!
Dropping in LTD style on the Middle Fork. Summer 2012
SW 16 Skiff Fall 2012
Steamboat Lake Fall 2012
SW 16 Skiff Florida Fall 2012
Herb on SW 16 Skiff on the Little Red Fall 2012. Boom!
Isabel with a November Brown on the Holston. 2012
Bob in the SW 16 with a Swamp Donkey in November in Florida.
November Rainbow on the Little Red.
Cro-Magnon Drum in Florida in October in the SW 16.
Logan's SW 16 on the Little Red in October.
Sage Green SW 16 in Florida in October.
Big shouldered Brown in Idaho in October in LTD 16. Oh yeah.
Momma Brown in Little Red in Ocober in SW 16. Beauty.
Living the dream on the South Fork in Idaho.
The most amazing successful high side EVER! Alex on the Main Salmon and 54,000 cfs!
Pioneers and visionaries.
When the light gets right. Living the dream in Swallow Canyon.
Royce with a beautiful Fall Brown on the Henry's Fork.
Living the dream in Brown's Park.
Dropping into Jurassic with the LTD 16.
Hooking up on the Holston on the deck of the SW 16.
Boogaloo with a beetle eating Holston Brown.
Boudin with a beautiful Lower Yampa Cuttbow.
South Fork Beauty.
Big bellied Watauga Rainbow in Reep's LTD.
Shooter with an old fashion big one on the White River in Arkansas.
SW 16 on the Big River in Memphis.
Big air LTD 16 style on the Middle Fork outside Stanley.
Gill and the Gear Man Lower Colorado.
Rick with a stimmie eating Lower Yampa Brown. Awesome lower lip.
Blue River Brown. Heard and Orwig living the dream in the bottom of Jurasic.
Summer fun and Family time in North Carolina.
Yampa River Brown.
Justin with a big shouldered Jurassic hybrid.
Lettick puching the Counters on the Snake.
Double O and Lisa floating and being happy on multi-day Yampa Canyon/ Dinosaur.
Eug and Nino on Upper C overnighter.
Winter Fishing brings smiles on the Salmon. Pulaski, NY.
Horseshoes on the beach. Multi-day LTD 16 Deso-Gray.
The boys on the Middle C.
Titre with a beast of a South Fork Brown.
Big O with a healthy Yampa Rainbow.
American River Striper. Beauty.
Hooking up on the San Juan.
The Grand Tetons.
Fall colors on the Green.
Herb with a refuge Brown in March.
Dibs and the Prince!
Nothing so distinctive as the green water in the Flaming Gorge. Water to dream about.
Section D in March purple bunny eating Brown.
Blue sky and happiness. Swallow Canyon and a LTD 16.

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