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Shallow Water 16 Tech and Design Advantages
  • The SW 16 hull is roto-molded in one piece, so there are no seams, welds, epoxies, glues, bolts, or screws.
  • The SW 16 hull floats upside down, or with a hole in it.
  • The proprietary high density polyethylene we use to roto - mold the SW 16 hull is more forgiving in regards to colpsions with rocks, and other hard objects when compared to aluminum and fiberglass.
  • The SW 16 high density polyethylene hull is very, very quiet when compared to aluminum or fiberglass.
  • The SW 16 boat hull has molded-in inserts plates on the front deck, and cockpit for quick and easy plug-n-play options for pedestal seating, benches, coolers, center console, or raised casting platform.
  • The SW 16 has a molded in rear bench with BIG dry storage.
  • Rocks do not scratch the color of the SW 16 hull.
  • The SW 16 hull's color is compounded into the hdp resin. Our color does not scratch off pke fiberglass or aluminum, so it never needs to be painted pke fiberglass or aluminum.
  • The SW16 hull repair process is much easier than welding aluminum or fiberglass epoxy.
  • The SW16 hull shape is designed to ride very stable side to side.
  • The "shallow v" shape in our SW16 hull is designed to cut a small chop while under motor on plane while minimizing draft.
  • The SW16 hull shape allows for a very wide range of uses for the fresh and salt shallow water boater.
  • Our popng platform, and oar lock option thru-bolt for easy plug n play.
  • Our roto-molded seamless hull is big time family and dog friendly.
  • "This boat is pke a multi-purpose swiss army knife for the water."
Shallow Water 16 Drop Test

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